Monday, July 22, 2013

Nexus 7 2013 specs updation and model cover photo

The past few days has been  quite exciting for the Nexus 7 lovers and fans. The leaks confirming the specs and the photos of the form and size of the new model has been reported in the Nexus7HD . The Android Event by Google on 24th June 2013 , Wednesday is expected to be also the announcement of the next gen Nexus 7.  The leaks from the Office-max inventory list also confirming the release of the Nexus 7 in the near future. 

The Nexus 7 second generation rumors has been circling around the web for last few months and was expected to be unveiled in the annual developers event of Google, Google I/O. but there was no news from Google regarding the the Nexus 7 device or the Android 4.3 update. While the FCC, and the Bluetooth SIG certifications along with the spilling of beans by the ASUS customer rep during a support session had started the fans to again dream about their new Nexus 7 and hope for much better specifications. 

The new information about the Nexus has been wonderful.


The earlier specifications had been  confirming that the New Nexus 7 will be seeing an upgrade from the earlier 1GB RAM to 2GB RAM. The earlier 1GB RAM itself was performing as expected in high resolution games like Need For Speed- Most Wanted mobile version and was giving a great user -experience, feel and fun to the user. Most of the users who gave reviews about the Nexus 7 had mentioned about the speed and clarity of the Nexus 7 while gaming.

Now after the new photo leaks of the Nexus 7 has released the data pertaining to the memory capacity of the device has been upgraded to a new number. The tag of the Next Nexus 7 if carefully scrutinized shows that the Nexus 7 is not 2GB RAM device but 4GB.

If you can carefully scrutinize the Memory specifications it is written as DDRLM 1600  "256M * 16" i.e. 16 times 256 MB which equals to 4096 MB which is 4GB ....

So it turns out that the new Nexus 7 will be a 4GB device.

Wireless charging

The New Nexus 7 is expected to be having a new feature for charging the device wireless.
We are not sure whether this feature is only a Nexus 7 feature or will be inherent with all devices having the Android JellyBean 4.3

The addition of Android 4.3 JellyBean to the Nexus 7 is also confirmed with the new leaks.

Nexus 7 and Android is adopting Wireless charging following Nokia which was the first brand to introduce this feature. Wireless charging has not proven much better than the normal charging, it takes too much time for charging the device also. Even then the feature is much appealing to say along with the other extra features added to the device.

The @evleaks has meanwhile released a model cover photo that will be used for marketing purposes by Google .

The much anticipated Google Nexus 7 HD or whatever that Google is gonna name it, is on the way.

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